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10 Unique Christmas Presents for the Writer in Your Life

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Looking for Christmas gifts for writers that are unique or personalised? Check out this list for some creative gift-giving ideas. I've already received a few of these presents myself but the rest are definitely on my wish list!

1. Make and print your own newspaper

This would be great for the announcement of a new book launch!

2. Miniature DIY model kit of a stunning little library

My friends got me this! The detail is exquisite!

3. Blanket with bookshelf image

Cashmere-feel flannel blanket. So pretty!

Fun mugs, t-shirts, bags and stickers.

Can be customised with the book cover of any book.

6. Scrabble for book lovers

Bonus points for authors, book titles and literary characters!

7. Lithograph scarf

You can customise the words printed on the scarf.

My friends bought me one of these. It is lightweight and soft—and so comfy!

Yummy tea in a gorgeous book tin.

I would love to give this a test run! Hopefully it's not as hard and clunky as a real typewriter.

You can buy each one separately.

I use these for my writing and I highly recommend them!

Disclaimer: I receive no money for promoting these items – they are just some really cool ideas I’ve found floating around the internet.

Not really the gift-receiving type and you'd rather give?

Why not ask your friends and family to donate to your favourite charity for writing and literacy instead?


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