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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your cover artist?

The White Sails Series (first 3 books) Illustrator: Vera Adxer — TwitterFacebook

Cover designer: Jenny Quinlan

The White Sails Series Hardcover Artist and Cover Designer: Lauren Willmore


Will you send me a free copy?

Subscribe to my monthly newsletter, By the Book, for fun giveaways. There’s always some tantalizing morsel up for grabs.


How do I get updates about your books?

Subscribe to my monthly newsletter, By the Book, to be first in the know about future releases.


What order should I read your books?

The White Sails Series:

  1. Discerning Grace

  2. Grace on the Horizon

  3. Grace Arising

  4. Christmas at Gilly Downs

The Gold Hills Series:

  1. Our Em — NEW RELEASE 2024

  2. His Em

  3. Their Em

  4. Christmas Em


Will there be more books in The White Sails Series?

No. It's now complete at four books (3 novels & 1 novella). But the next series, The Gold Hills Series, will continue the Fitzwilliam family saga and follow on chronologically in Emily Fitzwilliam's footsteps.


When is your next book coming out?

Our Em, The Gold Hills Series Book 1 — IS OUT NOW!


Are you on social media?

I am indeedio! All the usual culprits: Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads and BookBub (okay, okay, so not technically social media, but still other spots you can find me).


Which authors currently inspire you?

Wilbur Smith who has been my inspiration since I was a teen. Love his sweeping sagas across African plains and stormy oceans.

Bryce Courtenay for some truly memorable characters. Peekay! And for being the first author to ever make me cry while reading a book.

Diana Gabaldon—thank you for giving me the best book husband ever!


Are there content warnings I should be aware of when it comes to your books?

Mild swearing in all books (we are venturing aboard a ship of sailors after all!) Fade-to-black scenes of intimacy from (what’s a romantic adventure without a bit of passion?) All my books contain mature themes.


Can I sign up for your Street Team?

At the launch of each new book, I will put a call out in my newsletter for crew for the next voyage. If you’re subscribed, you’ll have the chance to jump aboard.


Why aren’t you available in Kindle Unlimited?

My books are found across multiple worldwide storefronts, including libraries. I want to offer readers in many countries a chance to buy or borrow my books, which I can’t if I’m exclusively in Kindle Unlimited.


Where can I find your books?

Each book page on my website shows all storefronts and libraries where my books can be found. Just pick your favourite one! Simples.

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