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Our Em
The Gold Hills Series, Book One

Our Em The Gold Hills Series

As the first novel in The Gold Hills Series, Our Em follows the next generation of the Fitzwilliam family from The White Sails Series. 


In the bustling streets of 1850s Sydney Town, Emily Fitzwilliam is a talented but fiercely independent dressmaker and aspiring actress. Behind her artistic talents, Emily hides a secret ambition and an unyielding spirit that set her apart from the traditional women of her time.


When she catches the eye of her charming but enigmatic employer, Samuel, their passionate and illicit entanglement complicates life. Grappling with the reality of impending motherhood, Emily stumbles upon the shocking revelation that Samuel is not the honourable man she believes him to be, shattering the illusion of their romance.


Fate intervenes when Emily crosses paths with the fiery Irish boxer, Jack, whose brash exterior conceals a heart of gold. With a past of his own, and already on the run for a crime he did not commit, Jack and Emily’s meeting is marked by a deadly confrontation. With no other choice, these two unlikely souls flee the clutches of the law, and set their sights on the treacherous goldfields at Ballarat, where fortune and independence beckons.


As they navigate the harsh and unpredictable life of gold miners, Emily and Jack’s relationship evolves from necessity to a deep and passionate love. Their story unfolds against the backdrop of the turbulent Australian gold rush, where they must navigate unpredictable landscapes, conniving prospectors, and the ever-present danger of betrayal.


With political unrest brewing between the Victorian diggers and the Colonial Government, Our Em is a gripping historical romance with a high-stakes gamble for freedom and a chance at true love.

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