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Book 2 

His Em
The Gold Hills Series, Book Two

His Em The Gold Hills Series

His Em is the second novel in The Gold Hills Series. 


1859. Jack O’Bryan is a wanted man. Fleeing a disastrous and deadly clash with the Colonial Australian Government, he starts life anew in California with his wife, Emily, and their children. In pursuit of redemption and a second chance, Jack is more determined than ever to leave his troubled past behind and find gold.

Now in charge of The Lucky Leaf boarding house, Emily O’Bryan’s past secret of being a fallen woman is nobody’s business. As she navigates an interesting array of transient characters, she must ensure her enigmatic son, Onions, keeps on the right side of the law. But this is not easy with Sheriff Delas Golding’s obsession of finding out the truth about her family, and wanting to drive them out of town.

Onions O’Bryan finally has the family he has always dreamt of—a dependable Pa, a loving Ma, and a baby sister who dotes on him. Befriending a young maid from Effie Adams’ brothel earns him a peek behind the velvet curtain of many town residents, including Sheriff Golding. Piecing together clues, Onions uncovers a startling secret about the sheriff, and decides to take justice into his own hands.


When Sheriff Golding catches Onions stealing from his office, it sets off a chain reaction of events that tears open the carefully concealed pasts of several town citizens, including the sheriff’s.

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