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Book 2

Grace on the Horizon
The White Sails Series, Book Two


Grace and Seamus, united by their past experiences, are adrift on a raft of shame in the sea of 1830s London society. After a personal tragedy, Grace’s desperation to leave London forces Seamus to accept a dubious commission on the private explorer, Clover.


With the expedition financed by Colonel Hamilton and his private backers, Seamus is tasked with mapping a round-the-world voyage. But Colonel Hamilton has an additional package that requires delivering—Father Babcock—a priest wanted for murder. The church wants Babcock transported far from England to set up a new mission in South America.


Battling his overprotectiveness, Seamus breaks his oath to always tell Grace the truth and hides Babcock’s identity from her. But the journey aboard the Clover is far from smooth sailing, and Grace suspects a saboteur. Trapped within the ship’s confines, she must learn to forgive her husband's well-intentioned duplicity and determine who wishes them harm—because now she also has her unborn child to protect.


Is it an aggrieved member of the Admiralty who believes Seamus disgraced the service by resigning his command to chase after Grace? Perhaps Grace’s father, Lord Flint, seeking revenge against her for ruining the family name? Or a jealous suitor determined to ruin the life Grace is trying to build with Seamus?


From the damp cobbled streets of London, around the freezing stormy tip of Cape Horn, and into the scorching dusty bush of New Holland, GRACE ON THE HORIZON promises another adventure on the high seas, bursting with action and suspense. It is historical women's fiction that will appeal to fans of the strong female protagonist in Outlander and and Poldark.

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(Read by award-winning narrator, Siobhan Waring)

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Reviews for Grace on the Horizon

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There is something utterly irresistible about a novel that depicts life upon the high seas. The relationship that develops between the crew, the dangers of the open water, and the excitement of discovering and exploring new lands, if done right, always makes for a compelling read ... Grace on the Horizon (The White Sails Series, Book 2) by Emma Lombard ticks every single box, but what makes it even more enthralling is that the story is told, for the most part, from a woman's perspective. With an impressive sweep of the quill, Lombard has given her readers a story that is next to impossible to put down … The need for adventure runs thickly in Grace’s veins. She is not the kind of woman who would ever be content with afternoon tea and scones! — Mary Anne Yarde, The Coffee Pot Book Club

I loved the first book in the White Sails series, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on Grace on the Horizon! Love, love, love this story. I enjoyed that the characters are now married, very much in love, and Grace is pregnant. Can you imagine being out on the sea when you're with child? Grace is feisty and loveable, and all the characters are multi-dimensional and well developed. There are twists, so be prepared. Fantastic read, GREAT series! Bravo! — Hallie Lee, author of The Shady Gully Series

This book really sold me on Seamus and Grace’s love for one another, especially compared to the first book in the series. I enjoyed Discerning Grace enough that I requested an ARC of this one, but I have to admit I was surprised by the improvement in writing and storytelling in this one. Some descriptions were so cleverly worded and vivid that I have to mention them. Truly, this book did much to inform my vision of what this time period (1830s) was really like in a sometimes stomach-churning manner — Elizabeth C., Goodreads

This is the second book in the series and what a journey it took me on. Travelling the world on a tall ship in the 1800s requires courage and a strong stomach (for those stormy seas), particularly when you are the lone woman in a ship full of men. However, when the dishy captain is your husband and some of the crew your good friends, it makes it a worthwhile adventure. Throw in some children and life is not boring. Grace certainly does manage to find adventure (or is it misadventure?) but this plucky and resilient lass shows her courage multiple times. — DesR, B&N Reviewer

I read Discerning Grace when it first came out and was waiting patiently (okay, impatiently) for Grace on the Horizon to release. Wow! This book was so full of action, adventure, and interesting ports! The author does an incredible job with dialogue, setting, and characterization in her books. Everything feels so authentic. If you enjoyed Discerning Grace, you will looove this new book. — Award-winning author of Shame the Devil, Donna Scott

Such a great rainy day read; adventure, tragedies and love, all in one. I was really excited for the next instalment and it did not disappoint!
The characters are loveable, relatable and engaging. I really enjoyed having a lot of minor and past characters still have relevancy to the story throughout. Every chapter leaves you wanting more and I found I couldn’t put it down just as much as book one.
I previously compared the series as a mix of a Pirates of the Caribbean and Bridgerton. I actually think this would be a much better tv series than Bridgerton. Grace is the perfect heroine for a fictionalised drama. Until then and as always though, the books are better.
Have really enjoyed this series so far and looking forward to book three —
@historic_rabbithole, Bookstagrammer

The Clover Voyage (1830 to 1839)

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