Emma Lombard was born in Pontefract in the UK. She grew up in Africa - calling Zimbabwe and South Africa home for a few years - before settling in Brisbane, Australia nearly 20 years ago. Before she started writing historical fiction, she mastered goat wrangling (mother to four teenage sons). Emma is an Editrix (no relation to Bellatrix Lestrange - just a fancy name for female editor), including Multiplicity newsletter editor for the Brisbane Multiple Birth Association (Southside) - back in the day of the printed edition. Emma has lent her editing prowess to various industries including aviation, aquatic ecology and education, as well as the world of academia. Emma is an active member of Twitter's #WritingCommunity, focussing on welcoming new writers to social media and helping them find their voices. To combat her chronic fear of heights, she climbed the Eiffel Tower TWICE.  Emma's love of storytelling rivals that of the colourful shipmates in her tales. Her upcoming novel, DISCERNING GRACE, is her debut but like every good sailor, there are many more tales a brewing.