Behind the Scenes

An in-depth look behind the creative process of my postcard collector's series. 

Collector's Postcard 1: The Arbour


Collector's Postcard 2: Slobbery Silverton

Optimised Postcard 2 Brief (1).jpg
Postcard 2.png

Collector's Postcard 3: Decision Time

Optimised Postcard 4 Brief.jpg
Postcard 4 Sketch.jpeg
Optimised Postcard 4.jpg

Collector's Postcard 4: The Name's Gilly!

Optimised Postcard brief 4.png
Postcard 4 sketch.jpeg
Postcard 4 colour.jpg

Collector's Postcard 5: First Muster

Optimised Postcard 6 Brief.jpg
Optimised Postcard 6 Sketch.jpg
Opt muster.jpg

Collector's Postcard 6: Special Christmas Edition 2020

Optimised Postcard Christmas Special 202

Collector's Postcard 7: Picnic at Port Famine (Reader Favourite, Sketched by Nicole L.)

Opt Postcard 7 brief.jpg
Opt Postcard 7 sketch.jpeg
Postcard 7 Church picnic.jpg

Collector's Postcard 8: Steps of White's Gentlemen's Club (Reader Favourite, Sketched by Desiré R.)

Opt Postcard 8 brief.jpeg

Illustrations © Emma Lombard, 2021

Moral Rights of the Illustrator, Holly Bunn, have been asserted.