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Admiral Arthur Jameson Baxter (Uncle Farfar)

Uncle Farfar.jpg

Age: 42

Place of Birth: London, England

Brother: Cornelius Cornwall Baxter, 2nd Baron Flint

Sister-in-Law: Lady Flint, Yvette

Niece: Grace Elizabeth Baxter

Status: Single

Rank: Port Admiral

My inspiration for creating Uncle Farfar:


After starting off my first novel with a cast of somewhat unpleasant characters in Grace's life, I realised I needed her to have an ally—someone in her corner to offset her miserable childhood. And what better than a kindly uncle who sneaks sweets into the nursery beneath the governess's nose!

His name, Uncle Farfar, is based on my own childhood experience of trying to pronounce my grandfather's name, Arthur. 

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