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Lt Seamus Alexander Fitzwilliam


Illustrator: Tara Phillips

Born: 10 March 1803

Place of Birth: London, England

Father: Captain Andrew Coulton Fitzwilliam

Mother: Glenna Anne Fraser

Siblings: none

Rank: First Lieutenant


My inspiration for creating Seamus


Seamus is very loosely based on how I imagined by three-times great grandfather to be. I know very little information about him other than he and my three-times great grandmother were a "very enlightened couple".

It would go without saying that this was true for him to have married someone with such a strong and confident personality and be so accepting of her liberated approach to life.

I have tried to take measure of the kind of man he would have been, flying in the face of societal norms at the time, to wholeheartedly support his spirited wife's endeavours.

Readers describe Seamus as:

  • Strong, solid, rational, and smart.

  • A gentleman.

  • Stern yet passionate, romantic yet unyielding.

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