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MY WAY Book Marketing Series

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Worldwide bestselling author, David P Perlmutter, shares his successful book marketing series that saw him catapulted to the top of bestseller lists, and even land a book-to-movie deal.

MY WAY - Won

The reason why I wrote my first marketing book, aptly named My Way Won, because I was asked by a few indie authors as they wanted to know how I took my first book, Wrong Place Wrong Time, to the #1 spot in True Crime on Amazon's USA chart. Wrong Place Wrong Time, which is becoming a movie, is currently #1 in Australia, and in the top 5 in the UK, and top 30 in America.

My Way Won features details of formatting, book covers, which are the best books sites and also about social media marketing on twitter, Facebook and other platforms that I use. 


MY WAY - Too

Again this book follows my self publishing journey as I wrote this particular marketing book after I wrote my second true story Five Weeks, but this book also features about my visit to the London Book Fair, which is how I obtained my traditional publishing deal. What made my day, or the three days I was at the event, I was being recognised by people, not just from the UK, but from all over the world. My Way Too also features how I do my so called, 'CHEEKY MARKETING'. This was invented by KJ Waters and Suzanne Kelman, both authors in America. I had the added pleasure of being interviewed for their podcast. I also write about social media. 


MY WAY Free - Trending on Twitter

This is all about trending on Twitter and how I use what is trending to promote my books. The first chapter of this book is called Adele and Taylor Swift (I TITLE ALL MY CHAPTERS IN ALL MY BOOKS), and I included these worldwide superstars in a tweet as they were trending at the time. I received a reply from someone saying. THIS IS THE BEST TWEET EVER. You will have to go to Amazon and take a look at the tweet to see if you agree. 


MY WAY FOUR - May the 4th Be With You!

A book that is guaranteed to launch the reader to close encounters with out of this world science fiction authors who are on another planet with their writing. I am over the moon to have such down to earth authors included in the latest fantastic fourth edition of the MY WAY series, and who are supporting me in my first step to promoting authors in their respective genres. The sci-fi genre has been a giant leap for myself and mankind alike. The idea is to introduce you to my selected sci-fi authors, look at what has inspired them to write in the first place, and see why they chose this genre. Included is background info about their work and even some sample chapters.


MY WAY 5 - about LIFE

As you will read once you delve into this book, I have brought together 21 authors and bloggers who have bared their souls and kindly contributed their own LIFE experiences. I wanted to publish this particular book to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week for a number of reasons. Firstly, myself and the editor and co-author of this book, Julie Tucker are both Cancer Campaigns Ambassadors for Cancer Research UK, and as such we know how important it is to spread awareness of the great work done by charities. We thought it would be great to have a mental health charity on board with this project, and were delighted when leading UK mental health charity SANE agreed to write a foreword for the book. I'm pleased to say that a percentage of the proceeds from book sales will go to SANE to help them continue their vital work. The brave people featured in this book, who I am delighted to call my friends, are either writers themselves, bloggers or simply people who have used writing as a means of coping with life events, experiences and issues such as bereavement, child abuse, self-harming, depression, anxiety, addiction, loneliness, domestic violence, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, autism, suicide ... I could go on, but you will soon read all about it yourself. Each has kindly answered a Q&A and, where applicable, submitted a sample of their work. There are also some links if you wish to pursue any of the stories herein. Having read their contributions it has certainly put my own past troubles into perspective. Everyone has their own cross to bear, but really, some crosses are so much heavier than others. I applaud anyone who can turn past experiences, such as those suffered by the authors and bloggers herein, into a creative outlet which can help others who have perhaps been in similar situations. 


MY WAY 6 - Sex for the beach

The next instalment of the MY WAY series is HOT, I mean really HOT. I am delighted to be able to TEASE and PLEASE you with some of the best indie authors I know who write erotic literature. I have eleven story tellers who made this book rather HARD in the editing and planning stages. My editor/co-author and I have had the PLEASURE of casting our eyes over each and every one of the eleven STEAMY chapters. Yes, eleven of the most TANTALISING written words that we have ever read or CUM across. The process of editing hasn’t been an easy one as we do edit together, and for one reason or another, as you will read, we were rather SEDUCED by the writing, and many times ended up quite distracted and putting our laptops down. I must warn you before you read this HOT BED of erotica, that no one under the age of 18 must further proceed, as the contents may offend. So let’s begin this erotica ORGY, and let’s get DOWN and DIRTY with the authors featured within, all ready and waiting to SEDUCE you. 


MY WAY - Linkedin

This little fun book can be read in one sitting. Yes, it's that tiny! Anyway, its about, well, let me not spoil it for you. I'll just leave you with this: "1 post, 5,550 likes, 35,400 comments and 64,000 views in 29 days."


MY WAY ... to getting published

I thought I would write about my experience from being a self-published author, which I still am—to being offered a traditional contract with a publishing company—to have one of my books, Wrong Place Wrong Time, printed in paperback and distributed to book shops nationwide. Can you imagine, little old me with a worldwide bestseller in book shops?



David P Perlmutter lives in Hertfordshire, is the proud father of four children and has one grandson. David is very close to his large family. He is also a Campaigns Ambassador for Cancer Research UK. David's second novel, Five Weeks, catalogues a trip during which he was almost left for dead in a Pennsylvanian wood.

You can find David on his blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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