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Lord Silverton


Age: 50 years old

Place of Birth: London, England

Name: Dudley Carrington

Title: 7th Earl Silverton

Status: Widower

My inspiration for creating Lord Silverton


To be perfect honest, Lord Silverton grew organically as I wrote. The image of him came to me strongly from the moment I saw him in the first chapter and he became more insidious as my story developed - making him the perfect villain. Cursed with salivary incontinence, he's one of those characters who continually grosses me out - even though I created him!


I was fortunate to win this fabulously grotesque illustration of him in a Twitter competition run by illustrator,

Eleonora Mignoli.

Readers describe Lord Silverton as:

  • toady and nauseating

  • wonderfully horrible

  • fabulously disgusting

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