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Grace Elizabeth Baxter


Illustrator: Tara Phillips 

Born: 9 January 1807

Place of Birth: London, England

Father: Cornelius Cornwall Baxter, 2nd Baron Flint

Mother: Lady Flint, Yvette

Uncle: Admiral Arthur Jameson Baxter

Siblings: none

My inspiration for creating Grace:


Grace Elizabeth Baxter is very loosely based on my three-times great grandmother who eloped with an English sea captain when she was only sixteen!

She has been described as "a very very liberated woman" who was "strong, resilient and courageous".

Being the strong confident woman she was, she did not shy away from gambling on horse races, with only her small granddaughter in tow. This was unheard of for women in those days to have such freedom—she should, of course, had an escort.

She also dabbled in politics, which was totally illegal in public but was a topic she strenuously debated at home with friends and family.

It has been a wonderful journey of discovery to research history of the times and weave such a liberal character into my fictional tale.

Readers describe Grace as:

  • A thoroughly modern woman in historic times.

  • Courageous and caring, stubborn and loving.

  • Demure on the surface, but defiant and wilful underneath.

  • Feisty for the era.

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