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Famous Canadian Women Internet Treasure Hunt

Welcome to our Famous Canadian Women Internet Treasure Hunt! We're so glad you're here to play!

You are doing well!

So Far ...

You have signed up at Leoshine's website and got the key to cracking the code. (If you still need to do that, we'll hold your place here while you do!)

You have found real treasure—one of ten pictures that represent the name of a famous Canadian woman in the Tassanara script specially developed by Travis Williams for the Sci Fi/ Fantasy Leoshine, Princess Oracle written by N. MacCameron and due to be released in May.

Your Next Task ...

Your next task is to decipher this script to learn which Famous Canadian Woman you have found. Keep track of each name you decode so you can put it in the form that comes at the end.

Bonus Points

You get bonus points if you can say where in Canada this wonderful woman lived(s) and how she contributed to the world as a better place.


Once you find all ten treasures, follow the last link to the answers form. If the deadline — March 13th 2021 11:59pm MST — comes before you find all of them, send what you have! Prizes will be announced on March 14th 2021.

What You Could Win

An audiobook of Leoshine, Princess Oracle by N. MacCameron

A digital background of the map developed by Rachael Ward

Keep Playing

If you play after March 14th 2021, great! There's a prize for you too! Keep playing through to the end!

Thank you for playing! Secret codes are great, aren't they? By following them, you get treasure! You have fun! You meet new people!

Your next treasure island link is


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